Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Finding a ScapeGoat When Epidemics Strike"

It seems like today we all try to blame anyone but ourselves in any given situation. With this major Swine Flu scare going around we...the United States are doing it again by blaming Mexico. Many People do not know this but according to this article people have been scrutinizing and even causing an uproar in attacks. Some people were even trying to close the border.
According Dr. Liise-anne Pirofski, whenever people are suffering there is a need to know why and how this is occurring for our own sakes. When this doesn't happen people start to place blame on one another. This occurs also in everyday life I think. People are always making themselves feel better by putting other people down. If there is any way possible to try and make themselves feel better people will somehow figure out a way to accomplish this.
Even when naming the Swine Flu Oubreak, or any Virus at that, cautions are takin into account because they don't want to cause a bigger scare and point fingers at any one person increasing panic among society.
This article even states that the Spanish Flu never even started in Spain. It was just found first in Spain and then the media did reports on it finally.
I just find placing blame on ANYONE very immoral when it is not their fault, kind of like the whole you're innocent until proven guilty. Obviously now we know that the Swine Flu is from Mexico, but that doesn't mean "Let's go around and attack and hurt them, not let them allowed into the country." I understand people are scared, as am I, but at the end of the day the people that care, and are genuine are going to be the ones in better situations and Mexico will still be known as where the Swine Flu started.... or I may be completely wrong.
I just feel like people need to step back and look at the WHOLE picture before pointing fingers and causing drama between countries and people alone.

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