Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Creepy Bug"


I was walking down my stairs in my apt building and outside on this box thing was this bug. It is scary and I do not like it. I obviously took a picture...Anyways, it is called the blue wing wasp....and is found in Australia, unless I am talking about a completely different insect...this one looked the closest to it. However, some people say they are found in southern Canada and upper New York. It's scientific name Blue Flower Wasp, or Hair Flower Wasp... meaning Discollia Soror. They are in the family Scollidae. They are nectar feeders and the larvae feed on scareb beetle grub. They are 20 to 30mm long and has iridescent blue wings with a black body.

I am not sure if this is the exact bug but it looks exactly like the one I saw. Every site I read, however, says that this bug is from Australia....so I don't know if it got lost in upstate NY or what.

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  1. Amanda, that is a strange-looking bug. I'd be surprised, though, if it were an Australian species. Could you email a photo to a scientist on campus? If it is an exotic species, that could be a good story. If not, perhaps the scientist could identify it.