Sunday, October 4, 2009

"Stephen Hawking Is Making His Comeback"

This article was very different. I like the fact that the author was comparing Stephen Hawking to his science. Hawking led a difficult life and this article definitely explored his whole life from the downfalls to his great happenings. For someone to be so determined to not let this disease get the best of him and continually defy gravity shows that being persistent really does pay in the end.


Lede: I liked the lede, but I feel like the author could of got to the point a lot quicker by starting off with, "On a mild March evening..." It would just set the mood for the rest of the story. But the description of Hawking I think is done very well and I liked that part. 18/20

Content: The author definitely answered all the questions I would of ever had prior to reading this article, however, I feel like after a while of reading just the first page, it was very difficult for me to continue reading because it was so long. But the content was there for sure. 18/20

Organization: I feel like the organization could of possibly been better maybe with better flow between paragraphs it would of helped me follow along a lot better.(especially when I do not know anything that he was talking about because it was very scientific.) 16/20

Quality of writing: I feel like you can't really judge a person by their writing. Well, you can, but it just doesn't seem right. Everyone has their own personal style and when they read their own work I'm sure it sounds completely different then it would to someone else. Other then taking that into account I feel like the authors writing was kind of bland. His descriptions were good, but not enough to keep me interested for the length that it was. 16/20

Clarity of exposition: Honestly when I started reading this, like I said before, it was very hard. There were too many different names of things I didn't know so it was hard to follow along. However, I do feel like the author tried his best at writing this article so that people like myself that have no background in black hole terminology would be able to understand. It could of been done a little better though. 17/20

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